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WPF Therapy – Meet the Staff

WPF Therapy – Meet the Staff

Michael Lyons works as a seminar leader on our Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills and our Clinical Qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. He is also be a familiar face to many of our new students as he is a lynchpin of our Open Evenings and course interview procedure.

When asked to think about some of the things that he likes about working at WPF Therapy the first thing that came to Michael’s mind was the contrast between the, often frenzied, pace of life outside and the contained atmosphere of calm, seriousness and climate for work that he is greeted by as soon as he crosses the threshold.

Michael had a wealth of experience in other careers – Oceanography, teaching in Zimbabwe, then teaching and managing an IT department – to draw on before synthesising his awareness of how different people manage their lives and their stresses with his own growing desire to be able to help and be involved in the process.

He began with a part-time course in counselling and during that time he found his personal therapy illuminating. It helped him realise the best way that he could use his interest and talents. The rest is history as Michael now has a private practice and a teaching career, so he has the satisfaction of aiding others in their journeys of discovery.


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