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WPF Therapy – Meet the staff

WPF Therapy – Meet the staff

Rayna is a Client Services Administrator working as part of the clinical team that is the first contact for clients onto the therapeutic pathway, both on the telephone and in person. Rayna’s role also involves liaising with all the therapists-in-training, supervisors and senior clinicians around the matching of clients with appropriate therapists, room bookings and making sense of all the associated paperwork involved in running the clinical service.

The main thing that I like about working at WPF Therapy is that you can never predict everything that is going to happen each day.  It’s interesting talking to the clients as they are all so different. The opportunity to be part of helping people improve their well-being is one of the things I find most rewarding about my role. The many conversations I’ve had whilst at work have reinforced the realisation that headspace is important and working at WPF Therapy also feeds into one of my personal passions, writing poetry.” You can see Rayna reading one of her poems on Mindfulness in a short clip on the WPF Therapy Facebook page.

Rayna has always had an interest in people and before coming to WPF Therapy she volunteered at the Alzheimer’s Society and gained a BA (Hons) in Education.

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