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WPF Therapy – Meet the Staff

WPF Therapy – Meet the Staff

Jackie Becker spoke about working at WPF Therapy.  I work as a supervisor with the therapists in training. I graduated from WPF Therapy in 2003. At the time I was thrilled to have undertaken and completed my training at such a prestigious institution. After several years working as a psychotherapist I was equally thrilled to come back to WPF Therapy as a supervisor.  The reputation of WPF Therapy endures and is as important to me, as a member of the training team, as when I studied there.

I was always interested in wondering why people behave the way they do. Then I began to realise that perhaps I was equally (if not more) interested to understand why I behave and think the way I do. This is essentially what led me to train. I found my training pretty challenging (I can’t lie) but probably one of the best and most rewarding things I have ever done.

Before training I was working in the field of publishing, then I had two gorgeous sons, after which I then decided to embark on the WPF Therapy training.

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