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WPF Therapy Book of the Month – October 2018

WPF Therapy Book of the Month – October 2018

Living in Language: Poetry and Prose by Stephen Gross

A conversation with Stephen in a café is to be transported to the Café Landtmann in fin de siècle Vienna (with Freud sitting at one table, Karl Kraus at a second and Gustav Mahler at a third),  hearing him discuss art and literature for all he’s worth.  And as his talk so his writing, fizzing with curiosity about ideas and philosophy. Feel how the book you are holding is crackling with intellectual energy.  This welcome anthology of Stephen Gross’s poetry and prose contains over 100 haikus and poems, plus Freud’s Night Visitors, a play that explores the relationship between
Freud and Shakespeare via an encounter with Hamlet and was performed at London’s Freud Museum. The collection includes writings on Freud and Wagner, Shylock and the Jewish Shadow, and
Stephen Hawking. His fascination with the relationship between music and language is clearly reflected in many of the ‘Epigrams, Maxims and Aphorisms’, which close the volume.

You are welcome to attend the launch of this book at WPF Therapy on Saturday 27th October 2018, 12pm – 2pm. To reserve a ticket email 

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