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Winter Into Spring: The New Normal

Winter Into Spring: The New Normal

As cold, dark winter nights slip behind us and days become longer and brighter, it is hard not to have a feeling of hope.

However, these past few weeks have been a challenging mixture of coming together and falling apart.

Some families are now living closely together, cleverly finding new ways of communicating and enjoying this novel time. Some families are split up– by a car journey or even further, a continent or an ocean; also finding new and useful ways to communicate.

Perhaps sadness intensifies with the realisation that it may be weeks or months before visiting or seeing loved ones.

Work, too, has taken on a new meaning: it is no longer separated by a kiss goodbye and a walk to the station; a desperate and exhausting dash to catch the train, taxi or bus or a car journey in the early hours of the morning to beat the rush hour…… These defining moments in our day have faded… Now we slip from our beds into the shower and onto our computers….

Perhaps, too, there is a growing sense of anxiety; wrapped up with this new feeling of not knowing and not being able to go anywhere.

For those of us who have never experienced feeling anxious or depressed, this new anxiety and low mood may feel unsettling. For those of us who are familiar with anxiety and depression, there may be a new and strange feeling of comfort; of not having to make excuses for not wanting to be around a lot of people and preferring to stay indoors.

This new way of conducting life for the majority is, already, the norm for some.

If you are feeling lonely, anxious or depressed and would like to speak to someone, WPF now offers remote brief and long term therapy. Please look at our website where you can enquire further about therapy.

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