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What we offer

We offer a range of courses from introductory counselling skills training and a Diploma in Counselling Skills, to professional qualifications in psychodynamic psychotherapy and psychoanalytic psychotherapy.  WPF Therapy uses multi-channel delivery and it may be that some sessions will be delivered remotely.  

Here are some reasons to train with us:

  • A strong and well-established reputation
  • A clear training structure leading to a psychotherapy qualification
  • Clinical placement and supervision is included in relevant courses
  • High-quality clinical experience
  • Psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approach
  • Part-time study
  • Professional and academic qualifications
  • Highly regarded within the profession
  • Access to a range of information resources to support training, in-house and through academic links
  • Modern premises in lively and accessible area of central London
  • Competitive fees
  • Experienced teaching staff, often active in the writing and research arena

Becoming a psychotherapist involves more than academic study. We support our trainees through what is a challenging and demanding personal experience. All our courses are staffed by experienced practitioners who have significant expertise in clinical work, supervision and teaching. Undertaking a professional training in psychotherapy is a major commitment involving time, money and personal exploration. We want to make your choice a productive and enjoyable experience.

In particular psychodynamic psychotherapy training includes a placement within our busy clinical service at London Bridge, where you will be a valued member of our clinical team while you train. After successful completion of your training, clients may wish to continue with you and you will be able to take them into your private practice if we agree that this is the best option for them.

Whether you have a personal or a professional interest we have a range of courses that might be right for you. View the list of WPF Therapy courses.

Our courses provide theory in relation to human development, the internal world and the unconscious, and consider ways of working with clients from a psychodynamic and psychoanalytic perspective. Both psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approaches draw on the body of knowledge developed within psychoanalysis, including the work of Freud, Jung, Klein, Winnicott and Bion, as well as contemporary thinkers such as Ogden and Bollas.

The psychodynamic and psychoanalytic approach takes the view that patterns of experiences, often formed early in life, are dynamically and unconsciously repeated in adult life. Therapy aims to help the client understand these patterns and how they affect their present day life and relationships.


“I enjoyed my time studying at WPF Therapy and have recommended the courses to other people.”