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Our courses (Introductory intermediate)

Foundation Certificate in Counselling Skills

Course dates

Mode 2 (June 2021 start)
Mode 1 (October 2021 start)
Mode 3 (January 2022 start)
Mode 4 (April 2022 start)

Programme Manager

Sarah Westlake


WPF Therapy Limited, 23 Magdalen Street, London SE1 2EN


Selection fee: £60
Fee: £2,400 (2020/2021) £2,500 (2021-2022)
Registration fee: £300 (due on acceptance)
Discounted fee: £2,300 (if paid in full before course start) (or £2,400 for 21/22)
More about our fees 2021/2022

More information

Training Administration

Apply for this course

This course is for you if you are interested in training in counselling and psychodynamic psychotherapy, if you already use counselling skills in your work, either paid or voluntary, or if you wish to acquire these skills to develop your potential.

This foundation level course  provides students with an opportunity to learn about counselling and psychotherapy whilst developing their counselling skills.  Students will learn skills which can be used to go on to counselling or psychotherapy training or can be used in their existing workplace.  In addition to learning counselling skills, students participate in a personal development group which allows them to expand their self-awareness and interpersonal skills.  This course is ideal for anyone who would like to learn new skills, discover more about themselves, or find out whether a career as a counsellor or psychotherapist is for them. Counselling skills training is a prerequisite for many other counselling and psychotherapy training courses.

The course has four different intakes, allowing individuals to choose which best suits them.  Please see PDF for more information.  Any offer of a place will be for the specified intake only.  If the applicant chooses to decline the place but would like to join for a later intake, they will need to reapply and be reinterviewed.

Mode 2  –  June 2021 Start requires weekly attendance (26 sessions) over two terms; 10 weeks for term one and 12 weeks for term two. There are two Saturday modules per term. Tuesday sessions run from 5pm – 8.30pm – with seminars 5pm – 6.30pm and experiential groups 7pm – 8.30pm. Each Saturday runs from 10am – 4pm.

Term 1: Tuesday 29th June  –  Tuesday 31st August 2021

Term 2: Tuesday 28th September  –  Tuesday 14th December 2021

Saturday modules:  31st July 2021, 28th August 2021, 23rd October 2021, 4th December 2021

Mode 1  –  October 2021 Start
 requires once weekly attendance (30 sessions) over an academic year of three 10 week terms. Each term includes a mid-term reading week. Individuals have a choice of morning or evening sessions. Morning sessions take place on Wednesdays (9.30am – 12.45pm), whilst evening sessions take place on Wednesday evenings (6.30pm – 9.30pm).

October 2021 Term Dates

Term One     Wednesday 6th October – Wednesday 15th December 2021
Reading week    Monday 8th November – Friday 12th November

Term Two    Wednesday 10th January – Wednesday 23rd March 2022
Reading week    Monday 14th February – Friday 18th February

Term Three  Wednesday 27th April – Wednesday 13th July 2022
Reading week    Monday 30th May – Friday 3rd June

Mode 3  – January 2022 – 2022 term dates to follow Starts each January and requires weekly attendance from January to July.  This route begins on either Tuesday 12th January 2021 or Friday 15th January 2021 dependent on the day you choose to undertake the course. Evening sessions take place on Tuesdays (6.15pm – 9.40pm) and will be online, until we are able to move into our training rooms.  The morning sessions take place on Fridays (9.15am – 12.40pm) and will be ONLINE. This route also includes four Saturday modules (10.00am to 4.00pm).

Term dates

There are 22 sessions between January and July divided into two terms. There are additionally 4 Saturday modules. Please note there is a mid-term reading week in Term 2 when there will be no session. 

Term dates for Tuesday evening sessions
Term 1: Tuesday 12th January – Tuesday 23rd March 2021
Reading week:  Monday 15th – Friday 19th February 2021

Spring Break

Term 2: 
Tuesday 20th April – Tuesday 13th July 2021
Reading week: Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021

Term dates for Friday morning sessions
Term 1:  Friday 15th January – Friday 26th March 2021
Reading week:  Monday 15th – Friday 19th February 2021

Spring Break

Term 2: Friday 23rd April – Friday 16th July 2021
Reading week: Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021

Saturday module dates for both days
Saturday 13th February 2021
Saturday 20th March 2021
Saturday 15th May 2021
Saturday 3rd July 2021

Mode 4  – April Start   This route takes place on Monday evenings, 6.15pm – 9.40pm, consists of 30 sessions and begins on Monday 12th April 2021.

Term 1:  Monday 12 April 2021 – Monday 28 June 2021
Bank Holidays:   Monday 3 May 2021  and   Monday 31 May 2021

Term 2:  Monday 6 September 2021 – Monday 29 November 2021
Reading week:  Monday 1 November 2021

Term 3:  Monday 10 January 2022 – Monday 28 February 2022
No Reading Week

What former students say

“By the end of the course I had real clarity about what further training to become a psychodynamic counsellor involves both personally and professionally. This course is an excellent step to further training: it offered me a balance of personal challenge, adult learning and reflection with a stimulating introduction to psychodynamic theory”.

“I have a sense of enormous change in myself during this year in every way and being on this course contributed to this. I would not have missed this experience for the world. Thank you”.

“Thought provoking, interactive course. Be prepared to embark on a journey of discovery about yourself and others”.

“A comprehensive and insightful introduction to counselling”.

More information

Diploma in counselling skills (Access course)

January start
7 month duration including 4 Saturday Modules

Course dates

Term 1, 14 January 2021 - 25 March 2021
Term 2, 22 April 2021 - 15 July 2021

Programme Manager

Sarah Westlake


WPF Therapy Limited, 23 Magdalen Street, London SE1 2EN


Course fee: £3,600
Registration fee: £300 (due on acceptance)
Instalments: £1,650 x 2
Discounted fee: £3,500 (Full payment before starting)
Selection fee: £60
More about our fees 2021/2022

More information

Training Administration

Apply for this course

This part-time course is for those who have completed a counselling skills course or the equivalent in experience and are interested in training to become a psychodynamic counsellor/psychotherapist.  It is designed to be a transitional course before embarking on a full training. It may also be that you need to spend more time preparing  and developing your existing skills before embarking on a qualifying course. This challenging, intensive course will enable to develop your use of counselling skills and your knowledge and understanding of psychodynamic theory.

The course consists of theoretical seminars, skills practice seminars and experiential groups. Each session consists of two seminars and one experiential group. The first seminar of the day is theoretical and relevant academic papers are discussed.

In the second seminar students practice counselling skills using role-plays, experiential exercises and video work in relation to the following themes:

  • Working ethically and with setting appropriate boundaries
  • How past experiences affect present behaviour
  • Introduction to Freud, Klein and Object Relations
  • Understanding unconscious and conscious processes
  • Exploring the client’s inner world within their wider social, cultural, racial and familial contexts
  • Attachment Theory
  • Neuroscience

Experiential Group
In group sessions, students will be able to explore feelings and relationships and learn about individual and group dynamics and process. The group provides an opportunity to learn about ourselves and our impact on others. They are conducted by an experienced group analytic psychotherapist.

In addition students are asked to attend a Group Theory Seminar. These are offered on a variety of different dates and times. The seminar provides an overview of group theory and an introduction to group psychotherapy as a model.

This part-time intensive course runs for seven months, starting in January each year. It comprises once-weekly sessions across two terms. and four Saturday modules. The weekly sessions take place on Thursday mornings, 9.30am – 2.00pm.

Term 1: Thursday 14th January 2021 – Thursday 25th March 2021
Reading Week: Monday 15th – Friday 19th February 2021

Spring Break

Term 2: Thursday 22nd April 2021 – Thursday 15th July 2021
Reading Week: Monday 31st May – Friday 4th June 2021

Four Saturday Modules

  1. Saturday 6th February 2021,  10am-4pm
  2. Saturday 13th March 2021,  10am-4pm
  3. Saturday 8th May 2021,  10am-4pm
  4. Saturday 26th June 2021,  10am-4pm
More information