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Want to train?

WPF Therapy is turning 50 in 2019.  Let’s grow and develop together.  We work with people to help them develop the skills to provide high quality counselling and psychotherapy.  We train over 1,000 people a year from different starting points, through courses in counselling skills, psychodynamic psychotherapy and specialist professional development training.

WPF Therapy Therapists are trained to relate with warmth and caring, think rigorously and critically about their clinical work and be adaptable to their client’s needs. Joining the WPF Therapy training is an opportunity to become part of an exciting and developing profession which focuses on relationships.  If you would like to receive regular mailings about training at WPF Therapy, please send your email address to

We provide the following:

Introductory courses
The first step on to a professional training as well as a life changing experience in itself is the introductory course at WPF Therapy. This is an in depth introduction to therapy and understanding yourself and others. The course provide a thorough grounding in skills, knowledge and self-awareness. These courses are ideal for those working in the ‘helping professions’ as well as individuals from a wide range of creative, business, legal or management backgrounds and lead to either a certificate or diploma in counselling skills.

The next opportunity to begin a foundation level course will be in October 2019. Apply now for a place.

Professional psychotherapy training
Working as a psychotherapist is a demanding and intense experience, as well as deeply rewarding. At WPF Therapy we ensure that the training experience is professional, rigorous and relevant to today’s challenges.  Our graduates gain skills through working with a diverse client group in the WPF  Therapy clinic with the support of experienced supervisors and the WPF Therapy training staff team. Uniquely WPF Therapy psychodynamic psychotherapy training leads to registration with all three professional bodies the British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP),  British Psychoanalytic Council (BPC),  or United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy (UKCP), and accreditation with BACP.

‘For me, WPF simply is psychoanalytic practice in the modern world.’
Jeremy Clarke, New Savoy Partnership and Member of Ministerial Advisory Group for No Health without Mental Health

We created this short film to share with you some of the experiences students have had of our foundation level course.


“WPF provides clients for potential trainees – this is a huge advantage…plus WPF training will now qualify you for BPC membership as a psychodynamic psychotherapist – another big advantage.”