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Time Limited therapy

Time Limited therapy

‘Tis the Season to be Jolly…..’

As regular as clockwork, this time of year brings with it the same images, in magazines, social media, TV and radio. Houses bright with Christmas lights, log fires burning, festive food and drink, tinsel, and mistletoe. Cosy warm rooms, families, and pets together laughing and merry. For some this might be the reality, for many it is a long way from their own experience.

The impact of the Covid 19 pandemic is all around us and many will have lost loved ones, health and wellbeing, a job or way of life. The images this year seem brighter, more insistent, encouraging all to go the extra mile and make the festive season one to remember. As much as we might look the other way and tell ourselves that these images are exaggerated or just media hype, perhaps a part of us sees something that we long for or feel we should be capable of creating, a sense of belonging, warmth, togetherness, and love.

This time of year, more than any other can remind us of the life we once had, and have lost, or dreamt of having one day, except the day has not yet arrived. Thoughts and feelings that have been set aside for the rest of the year can resurface and for some the onset of December brings with it a sense of dread, emptiness, loneliness, and confusion.

Client case study

A client came to therapy feeling very distressed and emotional. The client had suffered with low mood and anxiety in the past but had been feeling much better since changing their job and recently beginning a new relationship. The onset of Winter and what this brought with it, the Festive Season had always been a challenging time for the client. Images of families together and happy were a reminder that their own experience had been very different. They had always done their best to ignore those images, look the other way and carry on until it was all over.

The client was perplexed as to why they felt so low this year after so many positive changes in their life, for once they had allowed themselves to hope and look forward even to this yearly celebration. Perhaps this was the year when they could experience something that felt like Festive cheer, and they had begun to make preparations. It had been hard to acknowledge that those familiar feelings of dread and emptiness were creeping back. The client noticed another feeling, a sense of shame that they were not able to enjoy something potentially good in their lives.

Speaking with friends had been helpful but the client felt that they needed to speak to someone with whom they could share thoughts and feelings that were difficult to explain and understand and who would listen without being judgmental.

At times like these, often 12 sessions of Brief Therapy can be helpful. If you feel you need to speak to someone about the way you have been feeling, contact WPF Therapy. WPF also offer Longer Term Therapy and Group Therapy. Contact us at WPF at

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