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Time Limited Counselling at WPF Therapy

Time Limited Counselling at WPF Therapy

Why Time Limited Counselling?

At times you may experience difficulties and emotional stress caused by loss, a breakdown of a relationship and other disruptive life events.  This may affect wellbeing and functioning.  Often these difficulties can be overcome with the help of family or friends but sometimes this is not enough. In such a case time-limited counselling can help.

Some reasons for seeking counselling could be:

  •             Depression and stress
  •             Relationship Issues
  •             Traumatic events
  •             Bereavement and loss
  •             Study problems

How does Time Limited Counselling at WPF Therapy work?

Time Limited Counselling at WPF Therapy involves working with a focus within a framework of up to 12 sessions of counselling.  The focus is agreed between the individual and the therapist at the outset of the counselling.  Working with a clear focus helps to bring about a positive outcome. Through time limited counselling, individuals can gain a better understanding of their personal difficulties and discover resources that help them face these challenges.

If you would like to talk through your difficulties and make changes in the short term we would welcome meeting with you.



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