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The Separation

The Separation

First the actions, then the words, the pleas, the arguments and then the distance…

The heaviness of his head rests cupped between his hands.

The separation has weighed on him. He knows that he can no longer hope.

Hope, like mist, evaporates into the air.

The mist seems to engulf him and at times he struggles to breathe.

He screams but those screams are in the hollows of his inside and felt only by the growing anger sitting, twisting, in his stomach. The anger is at himself.

Memories of the harsh words still cut into him and play in his head over and over.

He looks around at the unfamiliar; cold, stark, love-less accommodation he has started calling ‘his home’

But he is not at home.

He continues to go over the unsurprising string of events; it was harmless. Catching her look at him, the drinks, working together…. He hears his own words. They begin to bore even him.

Nothing. He hears himself screaming ‘she meant nothing!’

The separation feels so unnecessary, so useless, so lonely. He knows what is next in this concatenation of mindless choices and wonders if he will ever be able to move on from his own guilt, the emptiness and the sadness.

Client case example

A client referred themselves for therapy following the breakup of a relationship. The client was feeling very distressed and confused; the relationship had ended suddenly and the future without their partner alongside them felt bleak and lonely. There had been some disagreements and differences of opinion between them recently, but the client felt completely unprepared for this to result in such finality. The final parting and words spoken were something that the client felt they would never forget.

The client kept thinking back over the past few weeks, searching for clues as to what might have gone wrong, wishing that they could put things right. Feelings of guilt and sadness often felt overwhelming, and the client was keeping busy, throwing themselves into work in an attempt to keep these emotions at bay, whilst recognizing all the time that this was not the answer.

At times like these, often 12 sessions of Brief Therapy can be helpful.

If you feel you need to speak to someone about the way you have been feeling, contact WPF Therapy. WPF also offer Longer Term Therapy and Group Therapy.

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