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The life and work of Joan Riviere. Freud, Klein and Female Sexuality Lecture with Marion Bower

The life and work of Joan Riviere. Freud, Klein and Female Sexuality Lecture with Marion Bower

We are looking forward to welcoming  Marion Bower to WPF Therapy on Saturday 27th July 2019 to give a talk on Joan Riviere’s life and her experiences. Marion will focus on the work that is relevant to an understanding of the depressive position and will also give attention to the influence of Freud and Melanie Klein on Joan Riviere’s thinking.

Marion began her career as a social worker in child and adolescent mental health services and during that time she had supervision from Sally Box, a psychotherapist from the Tavistock Clinic. Marion became aware that her thinking made a real difference to her clients, and decided that she wanted that skill for herself.

Whilst talking about her interest in Joan Riviere, Marion had this to say. “When I was doing my psychotherapy training I came across a collection of Joan’s papers edited by Athol Hughes which also had a biographical introduction.  Her life was extraordinary and I wanted to find out more.  Among other things she was Melanie Klein’s closest friend and collaborator for 30 years.  She was also a brilliantly original thinker in her own right.  She was the analyst of Bowlby and Winnicott. Joan Riviere was interested in the truth however  unpleasant and difficult.  She did not hesitate to contradict Freud’s ideas of female sexuality which did not fit in with her experience as a woman.  Her major papers present a picture of women which is both bleak and inspiring.  What matters to us as psychotherapists is that they are TRUE

Places are still available for this lecture which promises to be illuminating and valuable. During the lecture there will be time for participants to bring their own material.

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