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Reflections on “Our House, Our Home” by Psychotherapist CF   

Reflections on “Our House, Our Home” by Psychotherapist CF   

Lockdown has affected us all differently. The experiences we will all be left with are unique and disparate. One thing, though, that we all have in common is that we have had to stay in our houses and flats for a large part of the last 12 months. We have, perhaps, reacquainted ourselves with the nooks and crannies of these dusty spaces. Before lockdown, maybe our houses and flats were not much more than a space that we had not yet embraced, a place to come back to after work, wander around, cook, eat, watch T.V. and retire to bed. Now we have worked, played, Zoomed, Zumba’d, Yoga’d, meditated, painted, baked, Joe Wicks-d and many other activities. Some things may have happened which felt out of our control, we’ve argued, felt anxious, lost a job, lost a loved one, cancelled a wedding, were told we couldn’t go to a funeral, fell ill, felt alone.

For many of us our houses and flats have become a place of security and comfort, more familiar and more of a home. Even in this familiar space we call home, we may find ourselves struggling. There may be loneliness, depression, bereavement and grief, anxiety and pain. Our home is more important than it may have been in a long time.

However, now we are starting to look towards the future and trying to make sense of what it means to come out of lockdown. For some that may be easy, for others it may be more challenging. At times like these, often 12 sessions of Time-limited therapy can be helpful. If you feel you need to speak to someone about the way you have been feeling, contact WPF Therapy on

WPF Therapy also offers Longer Term Therapy and Group Therapy.

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