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Quantum physics in the consulting room with Stephen Gross

Quantum physics in the consulting room with Stephen Gross

  1. What do we mean when we talk about quantum physics? 
  2. How does it relate to our work as therapists? 
  3. Can we understand interpretation in the consulting room from the framework of quantum physics? 
  4. Would learning about this deepen and enhance my clinical experience? 

On Saturday 10 July 2021 Stephen Gross will be returning to WPF Therapy to give the lecture Quantum physics in the consulting room.

Stephen is a psychodynamic psychotherapist in private practice of 34 years standing. He left WPF Therapy this autumn after 32 years as supervisor and ontology seminar leader. Having throughout this time felt strongly the need to consider psychotherapy in a wider social, cultural and philosophical context. he has published a number of articles, papers and book chapters on these topics and in 2018 his book “Living in Language” was launched at WPF Therapy and at the Freud Museum. His play “Freud’s Night Visitors” was performed too at both of these venues some years before . His particular interests are literature, classical music, philosophy and more recently quantum physics. 

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