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Group therapy

Group psychotherapy offers a way for individuals to grow and know themselves better through their relationships with other group members. By exploring the way people relate to another within a group we understand ourselves better. This can provide the opportunity to draw links between these group relationships and those in the outside world.

Working in a group can be particularly helpful in understanding recurring patterns of behaviour in relationships. Sometimes group sessions may feel challenging, but many people find support and encouragement in talking confidentially with others who are tackling, and making progress with, similar issues.

In a group there may be up to eight regular members who meet weekly for 90 minutes with a trained group psychotherapist. Before joining the group all potential members have an opportunity to meet with the therapist individually.

Fee structure

Fees are calculated on a sliding scale depending on income. There is an initial in-depth 90 minute consultation and the fee is £120.

Group fees are calculated according to income bands with a minimum monthly fee of £95 and a maximum of £245. 

You will be expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions, except for those cancelled by the therapist.