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CBT Direct access Saturday clinic
(Cognitive behavioural therapy)


Provide direct access to a short-contract professional, effective and evidence-based treatment service for clients seeking a pragmatic approach to present-day distress


This service is suitable for clients who have read up, heard about CBT, or been recommenced CBT by their GP and find they are interested in

  • learning new ways to think about current problems
  • want a pragmatic solution-focussed approach to present day distress
  • are willing to co-operate in a collaborative learning experience


Qualified CBT experts will provide:

  • Short-term CBT contract usually between 6 -12 weeks (discussed as work progresses)
  • 50 minute, once per week, sequential appointments
  • Structured approach with defined therapy aim
  • Tuition in practical ways to improve the client’s state of mind on-a-daily-basis.
  • Generalist service for mild to moderate presentations

The fee for CBT is calculated according to income bands with a minimum of £45 and a maximum of £90.

Please be aware that due to the structured nature of CBT, it may not be suitable for people who have problems with poor concentration; have chronic or complex mental health needs; or learning difficulties.

Clients experiencing severe and complex presentations are advised to contact their GP where an NHS referral can access specialist services

More information about CBT can be found on the NHS website.

Cognitive behavioural therapy conditions