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3 Times Weekly Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy

Psychoanalytic psychotherapy is a long-term therapy where client and therapist meet three times each week for 50 minutes over a minimum of two years.

It is an intensive approach, suitable for those who are interested in in-depth self-exploration and understanding. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy provides an opportunity for the exploration of a wide range of personal, emotional and relationship difficulties in a safe environment.

Clients are seen by a practitioner who is a qualified psychodynamic therapist and is undergoing further training in psychoanalytic psychotherapy with WPF Therapy.

Waiting times can vary as we aim to find a therapist for each client within reasonable travelling distance. Sessions normally take place in the therapist’s private consulting rooms, most of which are in London, although some limited provision is available at our London Bridge centre, or with therapists working outside of London. At present therapy is taking place via online methods to ensure continuity of service.

Fee structure

The fee structure is on a sliding scale depending on income and will be negotiated with the therapist, but we do have some opportunities for low-fee three times weekly psychoanalytic psychotherapy. If you come to our London Bridge centre there is an initial in-depth consultation and the fee is between £70 and £160.

You will be expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions, except for those cancelled by the therapist.

How we helped Jean

Jean is 70 and had come to WPF feeling exhausted by disturbed sleep and early waking for the past six months. She thought she might eventually have to start taking sleeping tablets.  She admitted to feeling rather depressed “But what can you expect when you get old?”. Coming for therapy has given her a chance to talk about her life in a way she hadn’t expected. “We’re not supposed to talk about dying these days. We’re supposed to look on the bright side. That gets very lonely”. Yet being able to think and talk about her deeper anxieties, particularly about ageing and dying, has helped her find a new energy for living and recognise more of the meaning of her life as lived. She has avoided medication, is sleeping better and has felt confident enough to join a local reading group. “I knew there had to be more to life than sitting in front of the telly!”