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Our charges

What does it cost?

WPF Therapy aims to provide access to therapy for many people that might not otherwise be able to get the therapy they need.  We do receive some donations, but no government grants, so the main way we fund our services is through fees we charge to the people using the services.  Our fees aim to be progressive and socially responsible.

The clinic is supported by our therapists in training who provide therapy to clients as part of their postgraduate professional development, with the support of rigorous, regular, in-house supervision with a WPF supervisor.  The therapists in training provide most of our self referral clinic sessions.  They are not paid for their work, which enables WPF Therapy to offer affordable high quality therapy with most of our clients paying between a third and a half of the fee that they might pay elsewhere in London.

To make therapy affordable for everyone, regardless of ability to pay, we operate a sliding scale of fees. This means that people on higher incomes are asked to pay higher but realistic fees so that we can cover the costs of our clinical work with people on low incomes.

Our charges

Initial consultation
The fee for an initial consultation is based on income and can vary between £50 and £110.

Individual therapy
The fee for individual, long term therapy is calculated according to income bands. The minimum fee is £40 per session and the maximum is £80 per session.

The fee for individual, short term therapy is calculated according to income bands.  The minimum fee is £60 per session and the maximum is £90 per session.

Group therapy*
The fee for group therapy is calculated according to income bands and is charged monthly. The minimum fee is £82.08 and the maximum is £184.68 per month.  *Please note fee increases due soon

CBT therapy (Please note the waiting list for self-funding clients is temporarily closed)

The CBT service at WPF Therapy is mainly provided by fully qualified therapists and/or accredited CBT practitioners.  Fees for CBT are a flat rate £75 per session for self-referring CBT clients.

Fees for new clients are revised annually


Individual Therapy (November 2016)

Fee for Initial ConsultationConsultation Fees
Income less than 25K£50
Income 25K – £44,999K£70
Income 45K – 64,999K£90
Income 65k+£110


Therapy Services
Fees for Long-term
 Fee per session
Income less than 24,999K£40
Income 25K – 34,999K£50
Income 35K – 44,999K£60
Income 45K – 54,999K£70
Income 55K+£80
Fees for Short-term
Income up to 34,999K£60
Income 35K – 44,999K£70
Income 45K – 54,999K£80
Income 55K+£90


Fees for CBT – fixed price (amended 3.6.16)                           £75.00

 Group Fees*

Cost per Month^
Income up to 24,999K£82.08
Income 25K – 34,999K£107.73
Income 35K – 44,999K£133.38
Income 45K – 60,999K£159.03
Income £61K+£184.68

^ Monthly in advance, payment to reach WPF by 1st of month

*Group fees are currently under review


WPF Therapy is a charity and relies on client fees for its income.

Please note that you will be expected to pay for missed or cancelled sessions, except for sessions cancelled by your therapist.


How we helped Frank

‘Previously I was knee deep in negative thinking, most of this automatic. I now question a negative impulse or reaction and challenge it. I was also overly judgmental prior to counselling.  I now try to reserve judgment or just take people as they are.’