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Initial contact & consultation

We believe that a consultation at the outset enables us to make the right recommendation for therapy. The online initial consultation is a 90 minute session during which a trained therapist will invite you to talk about your concerns and ask you some questions to understand what is troubling you.

This confidential conversation will enable the therapist to discuss with you the way your problems are affecting you and suggest ways forward: whether talking therapy is best suited to your needs and, if so, what kind of therapy is likely to be most helpful.

If our conclusion is that talking therapy is not suitable for you, we will let you know and will make a recommendation of what is best suited for your specific needs.

How to book an initial consultation:

  1. Register with us
    We ask you to register with us by submitting an online consultation enquiry or by emailing us on
  2. Make an appointment
    Once we have received your consultation booking form we will call you to make an appointment.
  3. Complete your personal questionnaire
    We will email you a private and confidential questionnaire to complete and return to us before your consultation.
    We aim for the consultation to take place within 2 weeks.
  4. Initial consultation
    This will be an online 90 minute consultation via Microsoft Teams.
  5. Start your therapy
    After the consultation we will write to you within 10 days with our recommendations, and we aim to start your therapy as soon as possible.
    If we are not able to provide you with help ourselves, we will suggest alternative support.

The fee for an initial consultation is £120 (from 1 March 2021).


What you choose to talk about will be heard in confidence. You will be free to talk safely and without fear of rejection, judgement or blame. No information will be disclosed to anyone outside WPF Therapy without your written permission.

Please note WPF Therapy does not provide specialist help with drug and alcohol dependencies.

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All our information is confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd party. To view our WPF Therapy Privacy Policy please click here
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