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How we help

We have been providing one to one and group therapy for more than four decades. Our experience has shown us that therapy can:

  • help us understand and deal with relationship issues
  • offer support when life feels difficult
  • provide space for growth and reflection when things aren’t so tough
  • build resilience to deal with the challenges that life can throw at us
  • let us understand how things from our past can affect us now
  • assist us in managing depression, anxiety, stress, loss and traumatic experiences

Therapy helps people to have a private and confidential place to talk about and explore thoughts and feelings. Everyone encounters problems from time to time.

How we helped Hannah

Hannah is a student in her early twenties. Separation from her family has not been easy. She is worried about her parents’ volatile relationship and concerned for her younger sister who will now have to witness her father’s violent outbursts and abuse of her mother without her older sister’s support. Hannah tends to find those in authority, particularly men, difficult to relate to. She understands how this links to her problematic relationship with her father. Hannah’s boyfriend, who still resides in her home town, is reluctant to continue the relationship. This is unsettling her and making it hard for her to focus on her studies. Hannah has come for therapy to help her through this time of transition and to support her in her new environment.

WPF Therapy is an accredited BACP clinical service