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Where are they now? My Journey with WPF Therapy

Where are they now? My Journey with WPF Therapy

During 2021 we will be catching up with some of our graduates to see where their WPF Therapy training has taken them. First for this focussed segment is Himani Shah.

Hi, I’m Himani.

Born in Mumbai, India, raised in Antwerp, Belgium and trained in London, U.K., I knew my path of passion was leading towards the field of the human mind. From an early age I had an interest in humanity and the many emotions that I witnessed and experienced. Around the time of deciding what area I wanted to pursue for higher education, my mother was battling with breast cancer. My helplessness at the time drove me towards wanting a greater understanding – that was the first time I looked into Psychology. This was the beginning of my journey.

My international background exposed me to various cultures. My religious upbringing in Jainism exposed me to various aspects of the human soul. Through all these differences that I encountered, I noticed there were more similarities than differences. As humans, we are more similar than different. Billions of humans on our planet are connected by one vital thing – emotions.

My passion increased and my belief grew stronger and my desire to learn blossomed. After obtaining a BSc in Psychology and an MSc in Psychoanalysis, I found myself at the doorstep of WPF Therapy in 2013. Battling my cultural beliefs, my community and my family, I ventured on my own to apply for the Postgraduate Diploma in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy training (the course that is now titled Clinical Qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy). I told myself that if I was offered a place it would be a sign that I was on the right path – as destiny would have it, I was selected, and I continued my fight to pursue what I believed in, at a place that resonated with me – WPF Therapy. After six years of a rigorous training journey, which involved commuting between countries every week for six years, I qualified as a Psychodynamic Psychotherapist in 2019.

Many obstacles were faced; with cultural diversity, age difference (I was younger than many of my colleagues) and many other outliers shadowing me, as I was essentially living between two worlds. Nevertheless, I persevered. Alongside my passion, it was the homely feeling WPF Therapy emitted. They were very supportive and understanding, respecting the overt differences. It had become my second home and my colleagues like family.

I am grateful to everyone at WPF Therapy for their role in supporting me on my journey. Today, I own my private practice in Antwerp, Belgium and online internationally – . I initiate projects to reduce stigma and spread awareness about Mental Health, Psychotherapy, and the workings of human mind. I have been awarded the Belgium Prestige Award for 2020/21 for my achievements as a therapist thus far. It is an honor and I hope to continue making a difference. WPF Therapy made it possible for me to reach this point and I am grateful.



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