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More than therapy

Packages for companies & organisations

Today many of us work under pressure in our places of work. Increasingly businesses understand the need to support their staff and enable them to do their best. We develop special programmes that help companies and organisations offer therapy, counselling and wellbeing services to their employees.

Bespoke services

We are ready and willing to design and deliver bespoke services, perhaps aimed at a particular group, such as elderly people. Once we understand the need we can provide the right package of skills and resources.

Research and information services

We are committed to furthering the role of therapy in society. We want to improve our knowledge of what works, so we can provide the most effective psychotherapy and the best professional training. Our students’ own research adds to that knowledge continually and we are building an information resource that can inform both clinical practice and the public at large.

How we helped Lucy

“I can now see things in a positive light, and am coping better at work. I managed to stay in full time employment and resolved conflict at work to my advantage. As a result I got promoted to a new position with a new firm and I am now very happy.”