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Meet the staff

Meet the staff

Welcome to another in our series of introductions to key teaching staff at WPF Therapy.

Judith Chamberlain is a psychodynamic psychotherapist teaching on the Clinical Qualification in Psychodynamic Psychotherapy. She leads a seminar entitled ‘Issues of Diversity’ for the third-year trainees and also acts as a Trainee Development Tutor.

Judith completed her psychotherapy training at WPF Therapy and is pleased to be back as this gives her the opportunity to connect with like-minded people, trainees and staff alike. “I particularly enjoy the openness to exploring the dynamics of the organisation and its people. Additionally, the relation to wider society is always there and that fact I value highly”.

Before coming to WPF Therapy Judith had a long career in education, teaching children aged 2 to 12 in London inner city schools. For the majority of over twenty years in education she worked with children who had specific and complex needs and/or behavioural difficulties. “I worked with parents who were refugees, often traumatised; I worked with carers and court services and other agencies who made up a team to try to nurture and protect children. The experiences that I had have been a constant reminder of the ‘inner child’ that we all have. I was always fascinated by human development and also by families and relationships and how they shape us. Working psychodynamically to find the links between ourselves and our early years, has been a preoccupation in both my educational and psychotherapy profession, and each has informed the other”.

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