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January, the start of a New Year…

January, the start of a New Year…

The Festive Season is over, and January is here; the weather cold and dreary and although the days are getting longer, Spring still feels a long way in the distance. Nature seems to be sleeping.

New Year resolutions have been made, some broken already, but others remain, alongside plans and strategies for the forthcoming Year. This can provide a welcome sense of direction, that there is a path ahead to follow and an opportunity waiting to bring to fruition some ideas that have previously been put to one side. Whilst nature sleeps, we may be alive with creativity, cautiously optimistic, comfortable in that we have a clear direction to follow.

But the unexpected may be just around the corner, waiting out of sight until it hits us with all the force of lightning, throwing us off course and bringing with it chaos, uncertainty, shock, and fear. The path has gone and the direction we hoped to follow has vanished.

Redundancy, sudden illness, accident or injury, bereavement, the end of a relationship, a secret revealed, loss of trust, loss of hope… affecting ourselves, someone close to us or both.

There are many ways in which our view of what is ahead can be shattered in an instant. Situations and events can come into our lives like a bolt out of the blue, disrupting our sense of who we are, shaking our self-confidence and sense of safety in the world. Perhaps like nature in January we were dormant and unaware of what was on the horizon. Or perhaps this was something that could never have been foreseen. The impact can be overwhelming and frightening.

If you have experienced something that has left you feeling this way, 12 sessions of Time Limited Therapy can be helpful. Talking through and processing whatever may have happened, your feelings and the impact on yourself can be helpful.

Client case example

Feeling disorientated and frightened, a Client approached the organization for Psychodynamic Therapy, thinking that talking with someone could be helpful to make sense of their feelings and get them back on track with their life. The client had made plans with a close friend to go travelling for several months from January and had been pleased when the restrictions for Covid 19 had been lifted sufficiently to make this possible. At the last minute the friend had pulled out without giving an explanation and saying that they wanted no further contact.

The client was deeply upset and confused, wondering what they might have done wrong. The client had experienced previous rejections and felt that they were at fault, that these things always happened to them. The client had made significant changes in their life to accommodate travelling, resigning from a job, and giving up a flat share. They felt they needed help to regain a sense of self-worth, at present a sense of failure was overwhelming them. Friends were supportive but the client felt too ashamed to speak of how they really felt and preferred to talk in confidence with a therapist who would not be judgmental.

If you would like to speak to someone about the way you have been feeling, contact WPF Therapy for Time Limited Therapy.

WPF Therapy also offer Longer Term Therapy and Group Therapy.

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