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Group Psychotherapy: A place to overcome through connecting with others.

Group Psychotherapy: A place to overcome through connecting with others.

Psychotherapy groups are unique therapeutic experiences and are considered a radical departure from individual therapeutic approaches. The group itself represents a crucible for past and present experiences. Often the boundaries and connections between these experiences are hard to define. Connection has often been lost or destroyed, leaving the person feeling isolated and alone. A therapy group can be invaluable in forging new ways to feel part of a whole.

One of our group psychotherapists had this to say. People come to group psychotherapy because they appreciate their distress manifests in a social context. They come because something within them: at work, within their families or peer groups, feels as if it is not working or is going wrong. Often the felt sense of those experiences can be persecutory: – that the other(s) are deliberately making them feel bad or that they shouldn’t feel as they do at all. Sometimes the suggestion of attending group therapy to think this through with others can feel persecutory too, with fears and anxieties aroused just by its suggestion.

The past often holds some clues to the way people are feeling now.  Experiences in previous groups – families, classrooms and friendship groups, all leave some indelible but out-of- sight addition to how a person feels emotionally and participates socially.

Psychotherapy Groups are places in which these evoked experiences can be examined for their past and present meanings and be potentially overcome. Our adult group experiences contain within them, something of our past group experiences. Leading us to potentially feeling as we once were; powerless, distressed or tormented by the experience itself?

Group psychotherapy is place where people come to overcome and understand the experiences of the past within the context of the present. This is both the present as experienced within other current social relations but also the present as experienced within the psychotherapy group itself.  Participation within a psychotherapy group, act as rehearsals for new ways of interacting with others and with greater understanding of what drives from the past how we feel today.

Group Psychotherapy participation offers two distinct therapeutic potentials. The potential to ‘overcome’ negative influences from the past, plus the potential to move from feelings of powerlessness to ones of being able to influence the present and the future.

Psychotherapy Groups at WPF Therapy are once a week, for 90 minutes on an ongoing basis and are an opportunity to work in detail on the distress that is experienced both socially and personally.  #SustainYourMind

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