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Equality & Diversity Policy

A1. WPF Therapy is committed to the encouragement of equality and diversity among our workforce, with regard to the psychological therapy we provide to the public and in the way we educate and train our students.  We are also committed to the elimination of any form of discrimination, including harassment or bullying, on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion and age.  Every individual has the right to be treated fairly and with dignity and respect.

A2. We recognise that there are processes inherent in any organisation, including our own, which can operate against this intention.  We acknowledge that we need to continually re-examine our policies and practices to ensure that our best intentions are realised.  To this end, WPF Therapy expects all its employees to play an active part in developing our equalities and diversity policy and in ensuring its implementation.

Our workforce

B1. Our aim is to support a workforce that is truly representative of all sections of society, with each employee respected and able to give of their best.  The purpose of WPF Therapy’s Equality and Diversity Policy is to provide equality and fairness for all in our employment and not to discriminate on grounds of gender, marital status, race, ethnic origin, colour, nationality, national origin, disability, sexual orientation, religion or age.  A further purpose is to overcome potential barriers to clients who seek our services by demonstrating through our diverse workforce that we represent and value all sections of our society.  We wish to be a good role model for our students and trainees, demonstrating to them through our actions, practices and relations that we value and encourage diversity and promote equality.

B2. We oppose all forms of unlawful and unfair discrimination.  All employees, whether part-time, full-time or temporary, will be treated fairly and with respect.  In recruitment, we will be alert to how we advertise vacancies so that we achieve as wide a range of suitable candidates as possible.  Selection for employment, promotion, training or any other benefit will be on the basis of aptitude and ability.  All employees will be helped and encouraged to develop their full potential and the talents and resources of the workforce will be fully utilised to the benefit of our clients, students and trainees.

B3. All members of staff are required to take responsibility for ensuring that WPF Therapy’s Equality and Diversity Policy is implemented consistently within their area of responsibility and to be alert to any possible infractions of that policy in other areas of the organisation’s work.  Where it appears that WPF Therapy’s Equality and Diversity Policy is not being applied consistently, all members of staff are encouraged to report this to their line manager or to their Departmental Director immediately and to seek a response.

B4. Any member of staff who believes themselves to have been unfairly treated has access to WPF Therapy’s Grievance Procedure.  Information about the procedure is available to all members of staff in the Staff Handbook.

B5. It is a disciplinary offence for a member of staff to treat another member of staff in a way which transgresses WPF Therapy’s Equality and Diversity Policy.  WPF Therapy will apply its Disciplinary Policy in respect of accusations of discrimination and fulfil its legal obligations with regard to any behaviour which may be unlawful.

B6. We will ensure that all staff are aware of WPF Therapy’s Equality and Diversity Policy at induction and through staff meetings, that staff training needs with regard to Equality and Diversity are identified through our performance management and appraisal procedures and that training is made available to staff, ensuring that every member of staff achieves the level of knowledge and understanding of equality and diversity required in their role.

B7. WPF Therapy will keep up to date a record of the diversity of its employees and will monitor this to identify under-represented groups.  It is our policy to monitor the makeup of our workforce against that of our clients and the local population and to take action where we can to ensure that our workforce and our clients are more representative of local communities.

B8. Employees who are or who become disabled in the course of their employment are encouraged to inform the organisation about their disability and any reasonable adjustments to their employment or working conditions which they consider to be necessary or which they consider would assist them in the performance of their duties.  Careful consideration will be given to any proposals of this nature and, where reasonable, any practicable adjustments will be made.  There may however be some circumstances where it would not be reasonable for the organisation to accommodate a proposal.

Our volunteers

C1. WPF Therapy relies on the support of a range of volunteers who are described in a variety of ways which includes volunteers, honoraries, pro bono consultants, interns.  We apply our equalities and diversity principles, practices and relevant policies also to our relationships with them.  This means that we aim to recruit a diverse range of volunteers, and to apply equalities principles consistently in the way we organise their time and activity and listen to and respond to their needs and preferences.

Our clients

D1. WPF Therapy applies these same principles to our relationship with clients.  Our charitable mission is to provide affordable therapy to adults who seek our help and are able to benefit from WPF’s range of psychological therapies.  One of our strategic objectives is

Improve access to services for those most in need by tackling barriers such as cost, inequality and stigma and by targeting vulnerable groups.

To this end we monitor the diversity of our clients and will take action where we can to ensure that our services are accessible to all adults in our local area.

D2. It is our intention to provide equally good client experience and outcome for all clients of WPF Therapy and to respond to inquiries from the public professionally and fairly so that all those who can benefit from our help are able to make positive choices.

Our students and trainees

E1. WPF Therapy applies these same principles to our relationship with students and trainees.  We provide high quality education and training, including professional training for psychotherapists.  It is our intention to train people to:

  • Understand equalities and diversity issues in ways that reflect the requirements of current legislation
  • Value diversity and equal treatment
  • Embed diversity and equality principles in their practice
  • Demonstrate their commitment to diversity and equality in their behaviour.

E2. We aim to promote diversity in the psychotherapy profession and to ensure that we recruit a diverse population of students to all our trainings.  Our separate Training Disability Policy addresses the needs of students and trainees who may have a disability.  One of WPF Therapy’s strategic objectives is: 

Offer a range of accredited training in psychotherapy and select a diverse range of trainees who are representative of local communities.

E3. Recruitment depends not only on how we select candidates, but also on our reputation as a training provider who values diversity and treats students and trainees fairly.  It is our aim to maintain our good reputation for equality as a training provider through rigorously fair practices, procedures and behaviour.

Our suppliers

F1. WPF Therapy procures goods and services from a large range and variety of suppliers.  Procurement decisions are based on value for money, which means ensuring that we make best use of the organisation’s resources, contracting suppliers who are able to meet our needs with the best quality of provision for the expenditure required.  WPF Therapy does not apply barriers to potential providers whose services might offer good or improved value for money over and above routine due diligence assurance.

F2. In so far as this is possible, we aim to ensure that our suppliers’ practices are consistent with WPF Therapy’s equality and diversity principles, policy and practice.

Last updated May 2012