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Does the trauma ever leave us?

Does the trauma ever leave us?

It would be difficult to be unaware that there are many organisations and events acknowledging the 100 year anniversary of WWI, with much of the material highlighting the resulting trauma that has reverberated down through the generations. In the world of psychotherapy, the subject of trauma is endemic and reveals itself in many forms. WPF Therapy has planned a programme of events for 2019 that address different aspects of trauma and we are pleased to have Dr Aileen Alleyne facilitating a workshop on 12th January 2019 on the topic of Intergenerational Trauma with a particular focus on black identity wounding.

Dr Alleyne had this to say about some of the thinking behind the day “Historical trauma is a form of intergenerational trauma that affects many people or even an entire generation. The collective trauma is transferred from the first generation of trauma survivors to the second and further generations of off-springs of the survivors, via complex post-traumatic stress disorder mechanisms. These mechanisms can be psychological, physical, mental and spiritual. Commonly cited examples of historical trauma include, the Holocaust and African Slavery, but famine, natural disaster, war, terrorism, and displacement, can also produce similar effects of intergenerational trauma.”

The day will be facilitated to enable all participants to explore what is passed down from their own generational experience and its effects, whilst also taking a close look at the ongoing surviving trauma for black people and black clients presenting with this phenomenon in the consulting room. It promises to be a powerful and informative experience.

Ring 020 7378 2050, email or visit to book a place.



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