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Diana Athill, writer and editor, dies aged 101

Diana Athill, writer and editor, dies aged 101

In the year that WPF Therapy celebrates reaching its 50th year anniversary, the greatly admired writer Diana Athill has passed away upon reaching 101. In much of her later writing, such as Alive, Alive Oh!: And Other Things That Matter, Diana highlighted the joy and richness to be found at every stage of life.

In the 50 years that WPF Therapy has been in existence many changes in the world of counselling and psychotherapy have taken place and we have moved through the positions of leading the way, standing shoulder to shoulder and witnessing the demise of comparable organisations and services. We have learnt much over the years and always endeavoured to remain relevant, professional and accessible. Alongside these qualities our passion for improving the mental well-being of our communities and maintaining the rigorous, professional training of successive generations of therapists has not changed. These, plus the richness, challenges and joys of remaining a leader in the therapeutic world are the qualities we will be taking forward into the next 50 years.

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