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Chaos and Confusion

Chaos and Confusion

Restrictions are lifted, rules and regulations relaxed. Churches, schools, and colleges are open. We can return to work, to socializing, travelling, moving outside the confined space that we have created for ourselves or has been imposed upon us. We are encouraged to get on with it, to ‘live with it’, get out and about as normal.

But how does this ‘normal’ feel to us as individuals? Perhaps it is only now that we can begin to understand the impact of the past 2 years on ourselves and on the way that we live our lives.

Where some of us might embrace getting back to something resembling the lives we had before, others might find they now want to take a different path. A return to old ways of being may feel hollow and without meaning. Jobs, careers, relationships may become the objects of examination and revue.

Where does this leave us? Are we up for a new challenge? Can we find within ourselves the drive and energy necessary to bring about change in our lives? How might these changes impact on those around us?

Suddenly we are fearful, full of feelings of anxiety alongside uncertainty and a sense of overwhelming chaos and confusion in our internal worlds.

Perhaps this leads us to question what the need for change is really about…….

Client case example

A client referred themselves for therapy when feelings of anxiety began to feel overwhelming. The client had been thinking about returning to work, to joining in with social events but had been suddenly filled with a sense of uncertainty. The client had been thinking back to the ambitions and plans they had at school and had begun to question what had happened, where these had disappeared to and why they were finding themselves with the lives they had now. They felt a need for something different, rather than continue along the same familiar pattern of their lives.

The client had been waking in the night, anxious, wondering if they should give up work, travel abroad now this was possible, take a different career path, the possibilities seemed endless and yet nothing felt right. Thoughts felt chaotic and disorganized, they had tried to talk to friends and family but felt they could not reveal the extent of their fears and sense of confusion.

If you have experienced something that has left you feeling this way, 12 sessions of Time Limited Therapy can be helpful. Talking through and processing whatever may have happened, your feelings and the impact on yourself can be helpful.

If you would like to speak to someone about the way you have been feeling, contact WPF Therapy for Time Limited Therapy.

WPF also offer Longer Term Therapy and Group Therapy.

Contact WPF at

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