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Calls for more support for older people’s mental health

Calls for more support for older people’s mental health

Despite evidence that talking therapies work well for older people, a new survey has found that people over 65 are least likely to ask for the help they need. Dr Amanda Thompsell, chair of the Faculty of Old Age Psychiatry at the Royal College of Psychiatrists said: “The bitter irony is that some treatments – such as talking therapies – are most effective in over-65s, yet the stigma around mental health and fear of being thought less of by family and friends is deterring them from seeking help in the first place.

She added: “It’s really important we get the message across that depression is not an inevitability of getting old.

“Even more importantly that treatment works. In fact, talking therapies do better with older people than younger people.”

Read complete BACP article here 


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