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Book of the Month – July 2019

Book of the Month – July 2019

Going Sane by Adam Phillips (2006, Penguin)

Reviewed by our staff:  Abi  Canepa-Anson

“Adam Phillips explores an aspect of the mind that we are afraid to explore, the fear of madness.  He makes us question our view of sanity and explores the difference between sanity and madness and that sanity seems to be equated with an unusual amount of self-possession.  What is tremendous about this book is that it has meaning for everyone encouraging you to question textbook definitions of illnesses and it opens your mind to new perspectives.  What stood out for me in particular was his quote around hearing voices.  Phillips stated that ‘if it is mad to hear voices, what is it then sane to hear?’  Such statements breaks down stigma around the so called illness of schizophrenia and psychosis.  Sane Now as a final chapter is an alternative to what sanity could be, a hope rather than a bland alternative to madness.”  Highly recommended.

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