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Book of the month – February 2021

Book of the month – February 2021

The Self and the Quintessence: A Jungian Perspective by Dr Christine Driver (Routledge: December 2020)

This fascinating book performs a deep dive into an area of Jung’s work that is not often examined. It explores Jung’s work on number symbolism and the alchemical journey and considers how they act as metaphors underpinning theories about the development of the self and individuation. It goes on to consider the implications of these dynamics in terms of the symbol of the quintessence and what this represents psychologically.

One reviewer* had this to say – “An intelligent, compact, and extremely accessible book on an otherwise complicated and overlooked subject in Jungian studies. Christine Driver takes us on a fascinating journey through numbers by exploring their crucial role in establishing the dynamic conditions for the development of personality. We are treated along the way to a feast of insights into the inner workings of the psyche.”

*Lucy Huskinson, Deputy Head of the School of History, Philosophy, and Social Sciences at Bangor University, UK, and author of Nietzsche and Jung: the whole self through the union of opposites.


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