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Autumn Blues

Autumn Blues

WPF’s Brief Therapists Margaret Mykura and Carla Franke reflect here on the upcoming changing seasons;

There is something about the summer that lifts the spirits. Summer offers us hope; the prospect of longer days; sitting outside, enjoying the warmth of the sun and feeling like we have an excuse to take a slightly longer lunch… it’s summer after all. There is no school run or lunch to pack. Desks sit empty and streets are quieter; even taking public transportation offers us the opportunity of a seat on the 8am train!

Even if we are alone, summertime can make life a bit more manageable.

Sometimes it can be difficult facing the prospect of shorter, darker days, overcast skies and damp weather.

You may feel an internal heaviness, which may be hard to describe.

Traffic is heavier and commuter tension increases. Standing on the train is expected. Cancelled and delayed trains and short tempers can all add to a lower mood. Some of us must face school runs; tired children who want to curl into little balls and sleep longer.

For others of us, summer rolls into autumn and not much changes… everything feels the same; stuck.

We may allow these feelings to rumble around for a while but eventually we realise it may be time to find a space to explore and understand some of what is going on for us. WPF Therapy, London Bridge, offers brief therapy. Brief Therapy gives us the opportunity and space to focus on and work through low or anxious feelings, stress, loneliness and grief which we may be harbouring inside. Brief therapy is for those of us with a lot of commitments and those of us with few commitments.

Brief therapy is the beginning of focussed therapeutic work.

If you would like more information on Brief and other therapies at WPF please visit the website at

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