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After the Storm

After the Storm

Late December and the Festive Season is behind us!

The gap between the Festive Season and New Year can bring with it feelings of relief, or alternatively sadness, disappointment, and a sense of anticlimax.

New year approaches; a celebration of ‘out with the old and in with the new!’

Instead of looking ahead to a celebration, it may be hard to put events and feelings left over from the past weeks and months behind. Memories and recollections can come back to haunt us, invading thoughts, disturbing sleep, and lowering mood.

Regrets, goodbyes, disagreements, words spoken too quickly, decisions taken in haste…

There could be a sense of desperation along with a wish to forget, move forward and start afresh.

The approach of the New Year can be a time of reflection, looking back and looking forwards, this may be productive but can all too often lead to a feeling of being overwhelmed. There may be a relief of being ‘after the storm’ but there may be a feeling of flatness, emptiness, and loss. Alternatively, there may be a feeling of still being caught up in the dissatisfactions and tensions that can go alongside the festive period. Instead of behind us, we can still feel the effects, even though the time is now ‘after the storm.’

We may even be searching for something new in our lives, but find ourselves stuck and unable to move ahead, still caught up and thinking about the events of the past weeks. It can be hard to find room for something new.

Client case example

A client came for therapy when feelings of anxiety became more acute and overwhelming. The client had suffered with anxiety before but was worried that on this occasion it was more persistent and impacting on their health and general wellbeing. Their sleep was affected; it was hard to fall asleep and they would wake up throughout the night feeling anxious, unable to stop the thoughts going round and round in their head.

The client had initially felt relieved when the Festive Season was behind them, they had found it stressful and disappointing, a frustrating experience overall. The client had been hopeful that with family tensions behind them, they could relax and plan ahead for the New Year. The client had been looking forward to the New Year, with the possibility of fresh challenges.

However, the client soon started to feel a lack of energy and rising sense of anxiety. They began looking back and wishing that they had done things differently, going back over conversations and choices made. What had seemed reasonable at the time now left the client with a feeling of uncertainty and doubt. Putting all this behind and moving on suddenly felt impossible.

If you find yourself caught up in these ways of thinking and feeling, then 12 sessions of Brief Therapy can be helpful. Talking through dilemmas, feelings and fears with a therapist can help put things into perspective and enable a better understanding of ourselves.

If you would like to speak to someone about the way you have been feeling, contact WPF Therapy for Time Limited Therapy. WPF also offer Longer Term Therapy and Group Therapy. Contact WPF at

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