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CPD Workshops – 2020-2021 ‘The World We Live In’

CPD Workshops – 2020-2021 ‘The World We Live In’

2020 has been an extraordinary year and we have all been processing global events impacting our daily lives.


At WPF Therapy, during our 50th Anniversary Year, we had already been thinking of our theme for 2020-2021 CPD Programme as ‘The World We Live in’ in terms of the next 50 years.  But, 2020 has emphasised how important it is that as psychotherapists we are able to think about and engage with the external world and how this needs to happen now.


Under the theme ‘The World We Live In’, the topics will range from understanding the causes and seeking solutions to the mental health crisis of our current time, discussing the relevant issues in our daily life such as Black Lives Matters and the climate crisis, examining the balance between life and work through online therapy.


Drawing on the perspectives of the current world we live in, we hope reflect on the changes and impacts within our lives, and the lives of our clients, during the pandemic.  We will be looking at stress, anxiety and trauma, the looming mental health crisis, exploring ways to cope with the uncertainty in this challenging time.


We are planning to have a trainers from a range of backgrounds, not just from different psychotherapy modalities, but from other disciplines as well in order to widen the conversation.  We can face the difficulty and turbulence in the world together.


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