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How therapy works

Therapy allows people to talk about how they feel about things, whether it’s relationships, circumstances or just life in general.

Under the guidance of a qualified practitioner therapy is proven to help many people deal with problems they find difficult or painful to discuss, so that they can live their lives more fully. Often talking in a safe environment and in complete confidence can provide a way back to leading a contented and fulfilling life.

How we work

We are a unique charitable foundation dedicated to therapy in its many different forms.

We help people directly through individual and group therapy and train those who want to become professional therapists themselves. This combination of practice, teaching and learning enables us to provide an unrivalled service to people in need. All our work is carried out at our single central location near London Bridge, close to the heart of the nation.

Train with us

We offer professional training, short courses and workshops for those who want to learn more or qualify as therapy practitioners.

Talk to us

You can book a preliminary consultation with us. Just 90 minutes with a trained therapist will let you discover how therapy might help you.

Support us

Help our work as a charity by donating or supporting us.

What’s on

Find out about our latest events, workshops and lectures.